Chesarab Wetland Reed

​GCH Chestnut Hills Chisum  X  Chesarab Alonna


Pictured at 13 months old

Sherman is tested clear for PRA and his patellars are excellant





               ​Chesarab Coppercast Carbon Copy

GCH ​Chesabar Copper Mine   X   High Brass LM Cotton Candy

                  (Tonka)                                      (Cotton)

                              PRA, DM, EIC, Clear

Goose is owned by Matt Loveland of  Muddy Creek Outfitters. Go to for information on how to reach Matt.

Chesarab Stud Dogs

​DM clear, PRA carrier, PennHip evaluated 90th percentile with no DJD

​Chesarab Muddy Goose SH

                                                      The PAPILLON

                                    Caylo Serenade Dancing in the Moonlight


                      CH Zeley's Merlin at Ekbacken   X   Caylo's Waltzing Matilda


                                   CH Chesarab Ches-Shore's Bajoran

                                                      RIP  Ben

                    You will always be remembered as the dog everyone loved.


                                                           ' BEN '

        CH Chesarab Force of the Jedi WD   X  CH Ches-Shore's Blue Wind Mystery